Interior Design

Careful planning and execution of the layout of your book allows readers to easily follow the text of your book. Whether you’re publishing a simple book or have images, pull quotes, sidebars, foot notes, references, bibliography, glossary and an index to include, I’ll make sure your book layout is consistent with the cover design, typographically attractive, readable and engaging.

Standard interior design process

The steps outlined below explain the stages of your page design in the order you can expect them to occur.

1. Free initial consultation
Call or email me to arrange for your free 30-minute phone or Skype consultation. We’ll discuss your book and what you would like help with. We’ll talk about what ideas you have for your book and I’ll answer any looming questions you may have.  We’ll get to know each other a little before deciding whether to work together. There is no obligation.

2. Quote
I can then follow up with a quote based on your unique book if you desire to continue. The pricing I have on my Pricing page are for standard interior pages. I will need to give you a custom quote if your book includes images, pull quotes, sidebars, foot notes, references, bibliography, glossary or an index. The standard interior pricing will give you a general idea of what it costs, however, I will give you an firm quote based on our conversation. There is no obligation.

3. Getting started
When you’re ready to get started, let me know and I will send you a simple contract. For me the contract is to make sure we know what to expect from each other and make sure there are no misunderstandings. You will own all rights to your final book design. You will send me your signed contract. You will also need to send me 50% of your quote via check, credit card, or PayPal. Once I receive that payment, we can get started!

4. Conversation

  • Has your book been edited?
  • Has your book been proofread?
  • What ideas do you have?
  • What images you’d like to include?
  • Do you have a font preference?
  • What feeling do you want your book to convey?
  • and anything else I come up with to help me create the book of your dreams.

5. Rough proofs of your interior design
You will email me your final manuscript. It’s very important that your manuscript is as clean as possible before I work on your page design. Having your manuscript edited and proofread beforehand will save you money and time.

In two weeks or less, I will email you 2-3 samples of page layouts. Each sample will include the first page of a chapter and a two-page spread that has all the elements that we discussed previously. You’ll have choices of fonts and layout. I’ll create your final design template according to your preferences.

I’ll create your title page, copyright page, table of contents, and any other front and back matter you’d like to include in your book. Then I’ll send you a PDF of your completed pages for review.

Step 6: Reviewing and proofreading your pages
Print your PDF. It is important you print it so that you can see what it actually looks like in print. Plus, it’s easier to proof a hard copy. Review each page carefully for any errors.

Step 7: Making proofreading corrections
Send me your corrections and I’ll update your pages and send you a new PDF for review. If these edits are substantial, there will be an additional charge.

Step 8: Pre-press approval
When you’re satisfied that your pages are perfect, you’ll sign a Proof Approval, confirming that we’re ready to go to press.

Step 9: Communicating with your printer
I’ll contact your printer or the print on demand site for technical specifications and uploading instructions.

Step 10: Going to press
I’ll package your digital files and, upon payment of your final account and make sure your printing is trouble-free. I will mail you a DVD. It will include all the digital files used to create your interior pages. If we lose track of each other in the future, you’ll be able to take the DVD to any Graphic Designer and they will be able to work with the files. You will own all rights to your cover, I will retain the option to use your interior page design in any of my promotional materials in the future.

Step 11: Marketing your book
What do you need to market your book? I have a set of Book Marketing Kits available that will help you get started.

Step 12: You’re a published author
Congratulations, you’re a published author. You’ll soon receive the first copies of your published book. When you do, please send me a copy for my records—preferably a signed copy!