Deanna Estes

Work directly with Deanna to get your book branded like the pros. With experience working on over 75 books, she can give you the insider secrets for authors of all genres. She will create the WOW factor needed to set your book apart from the rest.

Book Branding is Deanna’s passion

Deanna partners with publishers, editors, illustrators, printers, and marketing experts. Currently Deanna is working with three Colorado publishers. She is a Book Branding expert whom they know they can trust.

Her goal is to design a book that expresses your unique vision.

With her experience working on 75+ books in all genres, she has an intimate knowledge of the process of bringing a book from its initial stages to print. She will give you the insider secrets needed to give your book the WOW factor that sells it.
Deanna is passionate about creating a book that you love and are proud of. She is a Book Branding expert which includes cover design, interior design, and promotional kits to make sure your book stands out from the rest.

Award Winning Subject Matter Expert!

Deanna has a B.A. in Public Speaking and has more than 27,000 hours of graphic design experience, including 15 years designing over 19 magazines annually. She is an expert in the Creative Suite programs: InDesign, PhotoShop, and Illustrator and has won two Print Magazine’s Best in Design awards.